Breaking News: Curie School students observed partial solar eclipse with joy within a scientific Fest.

Students at the Curie school undertook a science project on Monday August 21st that will probably stay with them the rest of their lives.  The students learned about, watched and followed one of the rarest of all celestial occurrences: a solar eclipse.


In the central United States it was a full solar eclipse.  Further south in Nicaragua it was a partial eclipse but just as exciting for the students who had made special boxes designed to watch the phenomenon, as well as those who got the chance to observe the eclipse through telescopes and protective eyewear.


The school was thrilled to welcome Dr. Jamie Incer Barquero wh once again generously donated his time and expertise to help the students understand the significance of the eclipse as well as the excitement that surrounds such events in the scientific community. 


And stay tuned because there’s a partial lunar eclipse coming on January 31, 2018 and a full lunar eclipse one year later.