France Ambassador in Nicaragua visits the school

Philippe Letrilliart, France ambassador asigned to Nicaragua rated our school as "Fabulous" during his visit this past 16 of May.

Curie students proficient in the french language having approved Delf level B-2, with which they are eligible to enter french speaking universities, welcomed ambassador Philippe Letrilliart on campus along with highschool principal professor Isaac Ponimasky.


The ambassador visited the school's chemistry laboratory dedicated to Irene Joliot Curie, the library "Un Kiosko de Malaquita", the library dedicated to Carlos Martinez Rivas and most important of all he shared with the students about the importance of understanding and speaking the french language, the similarities with the french and European culture and the opportunities to study abroad in France. The ambassador also expressed his desire to return to Curie School in the future.

Lic. Marta Zamora, school principal welcomes the ambassador with an inaugural speech, highlighting the link between the school and their values including science, culture and the french language.

Our students welcoming the ambassador with their rendition of "Mon Voyage" written by them for day of the francophonie 2017.

The ambassador addressing students who successfully passed their corresponding level of the Delf exam, including levels A-1, A-2, B-1 and B-2.

Student Roberto Carrillo addressing the ambassador, sharing about his desire to participate in a program created by the French embassy to teach Spanish classes in France all the while perfecting his own french dominion for the duration of 1 year.